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Losing weight is not easy...

The ups and downs fad and yo-yo dieting can cause:
Hormonal changes
And so much more
It might feel like you have tried it all...

There is a solution.

Minimally Invasive Bariatric Procedures

Dr. Keli McCalman and her team are here to support you before, during, and after your weight loss journey, with bariatric surgery.

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Our team has helped thousands of patients transform their lives

Before choosing you
Pain and inflammation
Depression and stress
Yo-yo and fad dieting
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We help patients who have “tried it all” finally lose and keep off the weight.

Dr. McCalman has been helping patients in McKinney, TX, transform their lives with weight loss surgery.
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Hear what patients of Dr. Keli McCalman are saying about their experience...

Patient rating stars
Dr. McCalman was Fantastic!

I would recommend her over and over again to anyone searching for a bariatric surgeon. She is kindhearted and has great bedside manner. She genuinely cares for her patients and wants them all to succeed. The Inspire Bariatrics team is fantastic at communicating and responding quickly.

Patient rating stars
Dr. McCalman changed my life.

I wanted to lose weight my whole life but just didn’t know how. I was totally miserable and trapped in a never ending weight gain cycle. I needed bariatric surgery to help me and lost 100 pounds so far and I’m not done yet. I have a life again! Thank you so much.

Patient rating stars
The operation was so successful and my life is amazing!

I struggled with weight and weight loss my whole life and wanted to make a change in my life and my health. I am a mom and I could not bend down to play with my kids anymore and was sad. I wanted to find a female surgeon who was kind, and that I felt comfortable working with. Dr McCalman explained everything about weight loss surgery and I had a robotic sleeve done and lost over 130 pounds. I can bend down and play with my kids I can and I have never felt better or had more energy in my life. Thank you!

Patient rating stars
Weight Loss with Compassion!

Dr. McCalman is the nicest lady and a great surgeon. She did a robotic sleeve on me and I have lost 60 pounds (that I never thought I would) and I am able to buy clothes in the mall again. I feel great and look even better. Thank you !