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Lap Band Surgery

What added mental and physical weight are you carrying around? Learn how bariatric surgery can take the load off.

Life is stressful enough without having to worry about your weight. After trying weight loss pills and diet pills, medications, fad diets, exercise, and more without lasting results, it can become a stressful part of your life. You may also start to lose hope that you will ever be able to get and keep excess weight off.

Don’t lose hope! If you are ready to find a long-term weight loss solution, continue reading about our bariatric surgery options, or schedule your appointment today with Inspire Bariatrics. Your start to a healthier, happier future begins with a single appointment.

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Lap band surgery can relieve a lot of your worries.

What is LAP-BAND Surgery?

LAP-BAND, also known as LAP-BAND surgery and laparoscopic gastric band, is an FDA-approved reversible form of bariatric weight loss surgery to treat obesity.  LAP-BAND surgery is recommended for patients who are obese or morbidly obese, with a BMI number of at least 35 and an additional health issue, or over 40. Being over 100 pounds over your ideal weight is also a qualification.

The gastric band minimizes the amount of food you can consume and helps you feel full quicker. In other words, lap band surgery can help you reduce how much you eat without feeling starved, which can help you begin to lose weight and keep it off.

How Does LAP-BAND Surgery Work?

LAP-BAND surgery begins with general anesthesia. A small incision or several incisions will be made, allowing your surgeon to access your stomach through the abdomen to install the inflatable gastric band.

The adjustable gastric band is placed around your stomach, creating a pouch, reducing the size of your stomach, and resulting in a reduced appetite and less food consumption. A tube is also attached to the gastric band, and your doctor can access the tube through an under-skin access port. The gastric band implanted during lap band surgery is also adjustable using the port, allowing your doctor to increase or decrease the size of the inflatable band by injecting a saline solution into the band.

LAP-BAND surgery can take from 45 minutes to 90 minutes to complete and is usually performed on an outpatient basis. After the procedure, you will be able to go home the same or next day.

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LAP-BAND Surgery Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Does insurance cover LAP-BAND surgery?

    Yes, most insurance providers do cover LAP-BAND surgery. By working with your care provider and insurance company, you can learn if they will cover the cost or a portion of the cost of your lap band surgery.

  • What are LAP-BAND surgery requirements for insurance?

    LAP-BAND surgery requirements include meeting the weight (BMI) requirements. Learn more about bariatric weight loss surgery requirements here.

  • How much overweight do I have to be for LAP-BAND surgery?

    Lap-band surgery is for patients who are obese or severely obese. If you have a BMI of 35 with additional health issues or a BMI of at least 40, you may qualify for lap-band surgery that is covered by insurance. Calculate your BMI here.

  • What are LAP-BAND surgery pros and cons?

    LAP-BAND surgery pros include its effectiveness. According to LAP-BAND®, the LAP-BAND® system provides an average of 46% excess weight lost one year after the procedure (1).

    Cons include less drastic weight loss when compared to other bariatric weight loss procedures. If you have a LAP-BAND and are interested in a revision, please call us.

    Learn more about LAP-BAND surgery and whether you would be a good candidate by scheduling your appointment today.

  • How much does lap band surgery cost?

    Laparoscopic LAP-BAND surgery is considered to be an affordable lap band surgery and is often covered by insurance. Consult with your doctor for an accurate estimate.

  • Who manufactures LAP-BAND?

    The LAP-BAND® System is made by Reshape Lifesciences™.

Why Choose LAP-BAND Surgery

There are differences between each type of bariatric surgery (LAP-BAND surgery, gastric sleeve surgery, and gastric bypass surgery). These surgeries are performed minimally invasively meaning a shorter length of hospital stay, less pain, smaller scars, and quicker recovery times. The band can be removed if needed, while other bariatric surgeries may be permanent.

LAP-BAND patients are not likely to have the same drastic weight loss as patients who undergo gastric sleeve surgery or gastric bypass surgery. LAP-BAND patients may also gain back some of the weight they lost 1-3 years later.

Want to know what form a bariatric weight loss surgery is the best fit for you and your weight loss goals? Read “How to Choose The Best Type of Weight Loss Surgery” from WebMD here, or better yet, schedule your appointment with Inspire Bariatrics today!

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How to Maximize Your Results from LAP-BAND Surgery

To turn your LAP-BAND surgery into a new, healthier body, lifestyle changes are required. Changes to maximize your results from LAP-BAND surgery include:

  • Switching to a blended food diet for 4-6 weeks
  • Establishing and maintaining a healthy diet
  • Limiting the amount of food you consume
  • Exercising regularly

According to, over 860,000 people have chosen to lose weight with LAP-BAND surgery. Whatever you decide, you will have a network of support ready to guide you, answer questions, and hold you accountable. There are online and in-person bariatric surgery support groups around the country. Bariatric support groups help you know what to expect when you are deciding if you should undergo surgery, prepare for surgery when your operation is scheduled, and help you succeed after the surgery.

Make your weightloss work for you!
Learn more about bariatric support groups here

The healthy version of yourself is out there! Unleash it with weight loss surgery from Inspire Bariatrics.

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Inspire Bariatrics has open appointments in-person and via telehealth, and we are currently accepting new patients. We look forward to discussing lap band surgery with you.

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