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Bariatric Revision Surgery

Have You Reached Your Weight and Health Goals After Previous Bariatric Surgery?

Do You Suffer From Long-term Side Effects After Bariatric Surgery? Here is How Revision Bariatric Surgery from Bariatric Surgery Clinic Can Restore Hope

Your body is unique. The results you experience from bariatric surgery will be different than other patients. Bariatric surgery aims to help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Has bariatric surgery failed to give you the long-term weight loss you were hoping for?  There is hope and you have options, including non-surgical weight loss options and revision bariatric surgery.

If you would like a second chance to lose the weight and gain the confidence you have been searching for, contact the Bariatric Surgery Clinic to schedule your appointment. During your consultation, you will learn what you can expect from revision surgery.

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Sometimes Gastric Bypass Fails. Dr. McCalman can help

Has Your Bariatric Surgery Been Unsuccessful?

Do you believe your bariatric surgery has failed? Bariatric surgery failure happens for several reasons. The leading reason bariatric surgery is considered a failure is because of less than ideal weight loss. Bariatric surgery is also considered not 100% successful when you have not reached or maintained weight loss equal to 50% of your excess weight.

Why Bariatric Procedures Fail to Produce Permanent Results

There are several reasons why patients do not always achieve lasting results. Common reasons include:

  • Not maintaining healthy eating habits
  • Not continuing to exercise after the procedure
  • Retained stomach in a hiatal hernia
  • Other patient medical issues
  • Unknown reasons
  • Need for other surgical approaches
  • Flawed technique
  • Excess space in the stomach
  • Band slip (lap-band surgery)

After the procedure is complete, bariatric weight loss surgery patients must develop and maintain long-term changes to their diet, eating habits, and exercise habits. Without establishing and keeping these new habits, the procedure is likely to be deemed a failure.

What is Bariatric Revision Surgery?

If an initial bariatric surgery does not bring desired results revision bariatric surgery may be an option. Because your revision is unique, the workup may differ.  Common steps in considering a revision are:

  • A Consultation with one of the Inspire Bariatrics' surgeons.
  • Obtaining records from your previous surgery (where available).
  • Determining any side effects you may be having.
  • Re-establishing with a nutritionist.
  • Exploring non-surgical weight loss options we have available to augment your weight loss.
  • Providing a psychologist, psychiatrist, or LPC support if indicated.
  • UGI or EGD evaluation to see the anatomy you have now.
  • Deciding on the type of revision surgery that is right for you.

The procedure the Bariatric Surgery Clinic uses for revision bariatric surgery may vary, schedule an appointment to discuss your options now.

Sometimes Gastric Bypass Fails. Dr. McCalman can help

Are You Suffering from Side Effects of Previous Bariatric Surgery?

At times patients may suffer certain side effects related to their previous bariatric surgery.  You don’t have to suffer in silence!  If you are experiencing the following, there may be medical or revision surgery options available to you to help.

  • Reflux/Heartburn
  • Frequent nausea or vomiting
  • Regurgitation
  • Coughing
  • Aspirating
  • Abdominal pain/cramping
  • Bloating
  • Fistula
  • Weight regain
Stomach cramps are a side effect of a failed bariatric surgery

Revision Bariatric Surgery Complications

Revision surgery requires giving you anesthesia, making small incisions, and surgically reducing the size of your stomach. Resting, following aftercare instructions, and refraining from normal activities for the first couple of weeks can help reduce your risks of developing issues after the revision procedure. You will likely be required to stay 1-2 days in the hospital to aid your recovery. Note that since this is a revision, you may be sorer than you were the first time around.

Possible gastric bypass revision surgery complications include infections, problems with digestion, ulcers, and bleeding. Life-threatening complications are rarer and can include a blood clot, internal leak, bleeding, advanced infection, or heart attack. For more information on the potential risks and complications of gastric bypass revision surgery, talk to your doctor.

Gastric Band Removal and Revision

A gastric band, implanted during lap-band surgery, may be reversed or revised through gastric band revision surgery. Removal typically occurs when desired weight loss has not been achieved after having the lap-band surgery, or when complications develop. The gastric band will then be removed to reverse side effects.

Learn more about lap-band surgery from Inspire Bariatrics here

What Results Can You Expect? Revision Success Stories

If bariatric surgery fails, revision surgery may be necessary. This second bariatric surgery will aid in providing long-term weight loss. Bariatric revision surgery is needed when you have not reached your weight loss goals after bariatric surgery, and you may have begun to regain the weight you lost in the months following the first procedure, or when complications have developed.

Have your results been less than ideal? Have you regained weight after your first surgery?

Revision surgery can help restart your weight loss journey. Weight loss may be slower than after your first bariatric surgery, but by making healthy changes in your life, you can improve your results.

For gastric bypass revision success stories, read patient stories on UCLA Health here.

Revision surgery success can help restart a weight loss journey

Bariatric Revision Surgery Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is there a gastric sleeve revision surgery?

    Yes! There are revision surgeries for gastric bypass surgery, gastric sleeve surgery, and lap-band surgery.

  • What is the bariatric revision success rate?

    The exact bariatric revision success rate has not been defined. Success is different for each patient and will depend on your health, eating habits, exercise habits, and the procedure itself.

  • How can I find bariatric revision surgery near me?

    If you are searching for “bariatric revision surgery near me,” you will find a wide range of results based on your location. Bariatric Surgery Clinic is in McKinney, Texas, near Allen, Frisco, Plano, Melissa, Anna, Wylie, Sachse, The Colony, Richardson, and Little Elm, Texas. The Bariatric Surgery Clinic is also just a short 30-minute drive from Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.

  • How much does bariatric revision surgery cost?

    Bariatric revision surgery costs can vary, pending insurance plans and coverage. Revision bariatric surgery is often covered by your insurance as well.  Contact us for further information.

  • Can I finance my surgery?

    There are many options for paying for bariatric revision surgery if your insurance does not cover it.  Please schedule your consultation today, and we will discuss your options.

  • Is slow weight loss after revision surgery common?

    Bariatric revision surgery is intended to help patients prevent regaining weight after bariatric surgery and continue to lose weight after the initial procedure. Slower weight loss is common after bariatric revision surgery; however, results can vary, and some patients may be able to experience significant benefits. Speak to your doctor to learn more about what you can expect from bariatric revision surgery.

  • Does insurance cover bariatric revision surgery?

    Do you have revision bariatric surgery insurance coverage? Healthcare provider requirements may differ, meaning your insurance provider may or may not cover bariatric revision surgery. However, most insurance providers do cover band, sleeve, and bypass revisions.

  • Can I buy insurance to cover bariatric surgery?

    Since most providers will cover bariatric revision surgery and bariatric surgery, you may be able to buy insurance that covers bariatric surgery. Insurance providers may have different requirements and waiting periods before you can have your procedure covered by insurance. If your provider does not cover bariatric revision surgery, you can appeal the decision.

Bariatric Revision Surgery from the Inspire Bariatrics Team

Inspire Bariatrics specializes in the newest weight loss procedures, including bariatric surgery and bariatric revision surgery. Dr. Keli McCalman and Dr. Curtis Peery take a safe, effective approach, providing weight loss procedures that will improve your health without putting it at risk.

Are you ready to take advantage of the benefits of bariatric surgery? If so, consider bariatric revision surgery to move your weight loss journey forward. It starts by scheduling your appointment with the Inspire Bariatrics Clinic in McKinney, Texas.

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